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Ratskeller Hours

Tuesday through Saturday 4pm - 11pm

Food service 4pm - 8:45pm

Biergarten remains closed due to construction delays


                                                     Ratskeller                                                                                              Biergarten  

Tuesday through Saturday

Ratskeller: 4pm to 11pm

Biergarten: Closed until further notice

Food Service: 4pm to 8:45pm (Tuesday & Thursday thru Saturday)

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Hauptgerichte (Main Menu)

Served with choice of:

French Fries, German Potato Salad or Coleslaw


Teutonia Burger - half pound Beef Burger on an oversized bun, plain or with cheese.

Brat or Knock Sandwich –grilled Bratwurst or Knockwurst with Sauerkraut on a roll.

Schnitzel Sandwich – traditional Pork Cutlet, breaded and deep fried, on an oversized bun with Jäger sauce.

Kleinegerichte (Small Dishes)

No substitutions please


Currywurst – grilled Knockwurst smothered in house-made Curry Sauce on a bed of Fries.

Leberkäse - specially cooked loaf mixture consisting of Corned Beef, Pork and Bacon.

Braunschweiger Sandwich - traditional Liverwurst with onion on Rye Bread.
Entrée Garden Salad - fresh Mixed Greens with Chicken breast, choice of dressing.

Chicken Tenders - served with fries and your choice of sauce.

Kinder Dog – Kid's Hot Dog & fries.

Bavarian Pretzel Sticks (Single or Trio)

 Salted or Cinnamon Sugar

Side orders - French Fries, Coleslaw, Sauerkraut, or German Potato Salad

Face masks are recommended for those members and guests who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19

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